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.Thursday, February 12, 2009 ' 4:40 AM Y


The item in the picture is the actual item of the retail packaging of the MIOR (Moor) Facial Bar. (For 4months+ usage @ Retail price SGD$120). **Colour may varies from different computer monitors. (All my items are net price. Not neg.) =P

You are only bidding for 1 SAMPLE PACK FOR 1 MONTH +'S USAGE ONLY. (Bar only comes in retail size thus it will be self-cut accurately for sample packs) Condition:Excellent. All you have to do is to work the facial bar into lather, gently massage into the skin, leave it on to permeate your skin for 3 minutes and wash off with water. Admire the effect of conditioned skin in the mirror as it continues throughout the day.

Benefits of it:
-Helps to cleanse, tone and moisturize all skin types
-Helps the skin achieve a natural glow
-Helps to lift & firm (tightening) up the skin (Act just like toner so you don't have to buy toner anymore! ) (Reduce appearance of winkles too!)
-Helps to improve all kind of skin condition (Eczema, rashes, pigmentations, etc) -Helps to cleanse and close up pores
-Helps with whitening of the skin
-Works equally well as a shampoo as it helps scalp become healthier and helps hair to become soft and shiny
-May also be used as an aftershave for a smoother shave-Oily-free face up to 12hrs

-Lightens scars with prolonged use
-Natural moisturising effect on your face after every wash (due to IndinineLuxe)
-Brings balance to skin - oily skin becomes less oily and dry skin less dry
-Remove black marks due to deposit of dead cells
-Remove blackheads & whiteheads without extractions
-Lightens pigmentation & freckles
-Reduce eyebags & dark circles
-Gives your face a natural, healthy pinkish radiance
-Makes your skin feel baby smooth and fairer
-Fast, effective & safe
-Heals stretch mark

It's 100% organic product - suitable even for sensitive skin & the ingredient is truly good.

Disodium Lauryl Sulfosuccinate, Sodium Coco-Sulfate & Triticum Vulgare (Wheat), Starch & Cetearyl Alcohol & Paraffin & CI7789, Talc, Heilmoor Clay, Olea Europea (Olive) Fruit Oil, Water & Glycerin & Algae Extract & Polyglucuronic Acid.

To find out more about this wonderous product, either with regards to purchasing, sampling(try-out) or business opportunities, drop a mail by replying or email to babygodz.rain@yahoo.com

Free local normal postage only.


Welcome to Babygodz Online Shopping

MIOR is a wonderful product which one could not get in any retail store thus are EXCLUSIVE Sold by "Babygodz". Brand new..once sold is not refundable.

The item in the picture is the actual item of the retail packaging of the MIOR (Moor) Facial Bar.
**Colour may varies from different computer monitors.

Items selling at LOW PRICE are just to make it AFFORDABLE to OWN THEM!!

Limited pieces of each design! Some are ONE & ONLY too! Do grab them before it's gone!


If you have any enquires, kindly email directly to us instead of tagging at our tagboard. Cos, we might miss them out. =P

Email Contact: babygodz.rain@yahoo.com

MSN Contact: baby_lovealotbear@hotmail.com

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-Swarovski Earrings
-Swarovski & Angels Phone Charms
-Tiffany-inspired Jewellery(s)
-Silver Diamond Huggie Loop Earrings
-Fashion Apparels
-Fashion Bags
-TVB Dramas
-MIOR-Minimise Pore Facial Bar
-SALES Items
-Pre-order Apparels
-Pre-order Bags
-Assort Items From S$0.99!!

Babygodz's feedbacks..

How to place an order..Y

Please Read the Terms and Conditions
BELOW before ordering!!

Emailing us at babygodz.rain@yahoo.com
with the following Ordering Format:

1. Name(With Surname):
2. Mobile No.:
3. Mode: Mail* / Self-Collection
- *Mail Via:
Normal Mail / Reg. Mail
4. Receiver's Name & Mailing Address:
Item #1: Swarovski Earring
Code no: E538
Qty: 1
Colour/Size (If applicable): NIL
Price/pc: SGD$13.90/-
Item #2: Fashion Bag
Code no: K367B 藍綠
Qty: 1
Colour/Size (If applicable): Blue
Price/pc: SGD$29.90/-
Item(s) Amount: SGD$43.80/-
Total Amount:SGD$46.80(Reg+3.00)

Terms & Conditions :
1. Sending us the "Filled" Ordering Format does not mean confirm.

2. We will sent you the FINAL INVOICE with the payment details within the day or the next, once yr order has being checked with our current stocks.

3. Payment must be made within
3 DAYS based on the Invoice date.
**We reserve the right to release the item to the next buyer if payment is not in by the 4th day.**

4. No backing out after order is made.
**Any back-out, Buyers will be BlackListed & Advertised..

Things To Note Too !! :
1. FREE POST = FREE Local Normal Postage within Singapore.

2. Payment Accept:
-Paypal but fees will apply
*If you will like to pay by other payment methods, please contact us for details.
**For ATM Users, please note that we may need a snapshot of the payment details via MMS or email during peak seasons... Don't forget to take pics of it!

3.Overseas postage, please email us for details.

4.Seller is not responsible for lost mail therefore registered mail(S$3.00) is recommended, especially for more costly/rare items.

4. Small items -

5. Bulky items -
Collection available at MRT:
--Ang Mo Kio & Dohby Ghuat
(Dg Mrt-Red Line on Tue/Fri)
--Eunos Mrt could be arranged on certain days.
**Other MRT stations of buyer's request is available but delivery charges applies.
[All timing(s) at our convenient only]
**Do not be late for collection,
time is $$.
SGD$1 for every 10mins late.

Feel free to email us @ babygodz.rain@yahoo.com
if you have any enquries :)

Tag Board..Y

--> Please Tag ONLY ONCE if not you will be BAN & BlackListed.

**FOR ENQUIRES --> I wil prefer if u could email me at babygodz.rain@yahoo.com in case i miss them out. =p

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